The Omics unit provides several services related with genomics, proteomics, genotyping and bioinformatics:

The SCBI has a bioinformatics unit that can provide solutions and services to address problems in biology which demand the usage of High Performance Computing systems or specialised software. The Andalusian Platform of Bioinformatics (PAB) was born with the aim of giving bioinformatics support to any R&D, governmental or private, laboratory. 
550 scaningNext Generation Sequencing
The next-generation platform in massive sequencing systems allows sequencing complete genomes or genomic regions in a wide range of biomedical or biotechnological applicability. Available features in the service range from complete genome sequencing of bacteria, viruses, fungi, plants and animals, to the identification of mutations in studies of polymorphisms by resequencing. The range of applications of the NextSeq550 system further extends the transcriptomic, metagenomics, epigenetics analysis, etc.
This unit provide support to scientific and private companies community in the field of genotyping for human, plants, animals, bacteria and others microorganism. Quantification of gene expression or viruses and Sanger DNA Sequencing are also avaible services.
cabecera genomicsGenomics
The Genomics unit provides support to scientific community and private companies in a wide range of biotechnological applications. RNA/DNA preparations of specific microscopic regions from tissue sample, fractionations of high molecular weigh DNA, quality control checking the purity, concentration and integrity of the RNA/DNA, Specifics fragmentation of the DNA for library preparation, etc. The genomics facility has all the necessary expertise, equipment and a complete infraestructure where scientific groups can solve and improve their studies.

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