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The Supercomputing and Bioinnovation Center of the University of Malaga provides scientific support and resources to the UMA research groups, public institutions and private companies, specially in the computing, nanotechnology and biological fields.

It also provides a one-stop solution to scientists problems, unifying the tools to process samples with the computers and expertise to analyze that data in the same place. This way you can get the solution to your problem without worrying about intermediate steps. We can also help with advisory and training services in all the steps of your work.

It is located at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía, in a hi-tech business environment and hosts the Supercomputing and Bioinformatics facilities, the Omics unit and Nanotechnology labs as well as several spin-off related with biotechnology.

We offer a wide range of services related with the expertise of our staff together with the tools and equipment available:

picasso centro 240 Supercomputing
The supercomputing center provides the necessary last generation resources to meet your High Performance Computing necessities:
dna chain Omics
The Omics unit consist of the necessary analysis equipment, laboratories, software and expertise to successfully work in the following areas:
The Nanotechnology laboratories have several last generation microscopes and analysis equipment necessary to do nanometer level experiments and material analysis:

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