Hardness and modulus mapping

We can provide a distribution of hardness and modulus across an area of interest. This can highlight areas of non-uniformity due to structural anomalies, variation in surface treatments or simply changes in properties at joints and boundaries.


Depth profiling load/partial-unload technique

To investigate how hardness and modulus vary from the surface into depth in your samples. 


Thin films and coatings (from a few nm to about 1 µm thick) need to be optimised both in the mechanical properties and tribological performance. Nano-scratch tests can provide the tribological performance of you materials and coatings.


Mechanical Profiling

The Step Detection feature detects and measures multiple steps in a single scan.


The 2D Analysis displays a contour plot and X and Y profile plots. The 2D profiles correspond to the cursor positions on the contour plot. You can view different profiles in the X and Y directions by moving the cursors on the contour plot.


The 3D Mapping function allows the surface profiler users to easily measure, analyze, and view surface contour data in three dimensions (X, Y, and Z), instead ofthe two dimensions (X and Z) that standard products provide.



Our Ellipsometer platform allows various measurement modes from Standard Ellipsometry to Generalized Ellipsometry. All measurements are made automatically as a function of wavelength, angle of incidence, polarization state and time.

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