Micromaterials NanoTest Platform Two

foto_nano_1.jpg NanoTest Platform Two from Micromaterials provides a nanoscale testing of the mechanical and tribological properties of materials. The extremely small force and displacement resolutions possible with the NanoTest, which are as low as 3 nN and 0.001 µm, respectively, are combined with very large ranges of applied forces (0 – 500 mN) and displacements (0-50 µm or more). This allows the NanoTest to be used to characterize nearly all types of material systems.

Veeco Dektak 150

foto_dektak_1.jpg Dektak 150 surface profiler from Veeco is an advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool. It also profiles surface topography and waviness, as well as measures surface roughness in the nanometer range. The system is capable of measuring steps below 10 nm and provides a step-height repeatability of 0.6 nm.

SOPRA-Semilab GES 5-E elipsometer

foto_ellip_2.jpg GES 5-E Sopra Semilab is a variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometer, which also allows spectroscopic scatterometry, photometry, reflectometry, polarimetry and porosimetry of thin films and substrates. It has a high resolution CCD sensor (210 - 1000 nm) for the visible spectral region and a near infrared (910 - 2400 nm) detector, with a combined spectrum sensitivity range from 210 to 2400 nm.

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