Welcome to the Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry Service web site. This laboratory facilitates access to researchers and companies in the most advanced methods of depth profiles analysis for chemical characterization of the materials at the nanoscale.

The Nanotech Unit provides the INA-X scientific instrument which incorporates the technique of Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry (SNMS) to carry out the depth profiles analysis of inorganic and organic thin films with a high depth resolution of 1 nm and a high sensitivity with detection limit down to 1 ppm.

This instrument offers users an avanced method for materials analysis used in multiple applications:

  • Analysis of conducting and insulating materials.
  • Depth profiling for scientific and industrial applications.
  • Depth profiles of Solar Modules.
  • Impurity and contamination analysis in quality control.
  • Analysis of buried interfaces.
  • Environmental analysis.
  • Analysis of thick layers and coatings. 
  • Multilayer and interfaces analysis.






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