NextSeq 550 Sequencing System

nextseq-500.jpgNextSeq 550 Sequencing System (Illumina)

Illumina NextSeq 550 packs powerful and efficient high-throughput sequencing into an affordable desktop form. The first high-throughput desktop sequencer that performs whole-genome, exome, and transcriptome sequencing and is flexible, offering tunable read length and multiple output configurations (25-120 Gb) which offers researchers another option for high quality results in a fraction of the time of other sequencing methods.

  • Up to 800 million paired-end reads in high-throughput mode.
  • Up to 260 million paired-end reads in mid-throughput mode.
  • Up to 150 bp read lengths.

This equipment include a BeadChip microarray scanning on the same platform.





Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent)

Is an automated electrophoresis system of DNA, RNA and proteins. Electrophoresis on this equipment allows data processing using a software, showing the classic gel and electropherogram with different bands. Simultaneously quantifies each of the band showing its size, its concentration in ng / microliter and molarity. Electrophoresis takes place on a solid support (chip) that consumes only 1 microliter of sample. This device prevents the development and treatment of the gel with ethidium bromide in the case of DNA electrophoresis and staining and drying of gels in the case of proteins. Molecular weight standards are incorporated in the kit. Protein electrophoresis is always performed under denaturing conditions.




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