Andalusian Platform of Bioinformatics (PAB)

The Andalusian Platform of Bioinformatics (PAB) was born with the aim of giving bioinformatics support to any R&D, governmental or private, laboratory. The PAB offers:

A wide range of bioinformatics tools
  • Proprietary, free and open access bioinformatics tools.
  • New tools developed by PAB for Genomics and Transcriptomics.
  • Proteomics and Systems Biology tools coming in a near future.
How to use the PAB resources
You can use PAB resources by web or virtual machines. Registration is required for virtual machines. You can use them as a "self-service" or ask for support. Due to legal concerns, non-Spanish laboratories will not have access to proprietary software.
Incoming courses and seminars
With the aim of increasing the researcher’s bioinformatics skills using all PAB resources

We hope that many of you will find fresh ideas, useful software, or even colleagues to contact to (You can look at PAB research capabilities in the projects and publications page).

Registration requires the acceptance of PAB's Terms and Conditions of Use.


Available software and services


Bioinformatics services and installed software are tighly integrated with the supercomputing services and because of that all the relevant information can be found on the supercomputing section.

Additional information