Technical Characteristics

  • Multi-technique surface analysis system.
  • High flux MgKα/AlKα dual anode X-ray source for high performance XPS.
  • High sensitivity and high resolution spectroscopy.
  • Small area lens for dual anode XPS (down to 100µm).
  • Selectable angular resolution (down to 1.0O).
  • High transmission electron energy analyser for XPS, AES, UPS and ISS.
  • Selectable energy resolution (choice of 4 slit selections).
  • Multi-channeltron array parallel detector for high dynamic performance.
  • Differentially pumped fine focus ion gun for good depth profiling and ISS.
  • Mu-metal analysis chamber for quality low energy analysis.
  • Ion pumped analysis chamber for good UHV (around 10-10 mbar).
  • High flux lamp for high performance UPS. Both HeI and HeII modes of operation. Small spot size (≈1.5 mm).
  • CCD TV camera and microscope for simple sample alignment (area 400μm to 4 mm).
  • Simple design allows choice of sample entry chambers.
  • Digital control of analyser, X-ray source and depth profiling functions.

Additional information