Assembly Name: SustainPine v3.0

Name: " unknown protein; LOCATED IN: chloroplast; EXPRESSED IN: 10 plant structures; EXPRESSED DURING: F mature embryo stage, petal differentiation and expansion stage, E expanded cotyledon stage, D bilateral stage; Has 6518 Blast hits to 5022 proteins in 522

Source: Ref_annotation from ATG

Species: Arabidoptis thaliana

UniGenes with this annotation:

Sequence Assembly Length (nt)
sp_v3.0_unigene50895 SustainPine v3.0 196
AutoFact: Unassigned protein
FL-Next: tr=Putative uncharacterized protein; Ricinus communis (Castor bean). 0.0
Sma3: Os03g0604600 protein 9.747e-06

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