Assembly Name: SustainPine v3.0

Name: EGY1 Peptidase M50 family protein chr5:13484606-13487546 REVERSE LENGTH=548

Source: Ref_annotation from ATG

Species: Arabidoptis thaliana

UniGenes with this annotation:

Sequence Assembly Length (nt)
sp_v3.0_unigene10598 SustainPine v3.0 2305
AutoFact: Peptidase M50 family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] gb|AAK92744.1| unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] gb|AAN71977.1| unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] gb|AED93947.1| Peptidase M50 family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 0.0
FL-Next: tr=Putative uncharacterized protein; Picea sitchensis (Sitka spruce) (Pinus sitchensis). 0.0
Sma3: Genomic DNA, chromosome 5, TAC clone:K3D20 2.211e-08
Putative Complete

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